Monday, April 9, 2012

RMNP Ski Tour March Day 2

Today we were a bit sore from yesterday but in good spirits. I figured it would take 3 hours to get from camp at Foot Bridge to near Andrew's Pass, counting elevation gain about 3k feet. I did not take into account some very gentle switchbacks, down trees, or booting up a couloir, all which ate up considerable time, adding perhaps 1-1.5 hours. 
One not so large deadfall to negotiate over
Down trees largely covered by snow makes easier travel
July campground area was gorgeous, we'd love to go back there.

We looked at the map and the trail heading up from July campground was not very direct, so we found a couloir that looked to be relatively safe and good climbing, strapped the skis to the packs and started booting. 
Looking back down the couloir, barely into it
Following the best booting snow led us to the right. Once we made sure the couloir went we committed to it and had to boot sideways to get back into the meat of it

Once we got to the top of couloir we could see the general direction we needed to head and it was pretty easy walking.

We got to Andrew's Pass quickly. This was to be camp for the next few days.

We set up camp and decided to go for a ski down Andrew's Glacier.

Looking down valley with the tarn in the lower left

Andrew's Tarn
Then we skied down the snowfield a little to extend the ski and get a view of a line off the backside of Sharkstooth.

By the time we got back to camp we were tired. Later on we got an amazing sunset and alpenglow.

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