Wednesday, May 23, 2012

4th of July Bowl in May

Two weekends ago we went up to the 4th of July Bowl on Peak 10 just after the spring storm to get some fresh snow.

Sadly we found a huge berm of snow across the road halfway up and so we had to get on foot. Kate, Winston and Dru had hiking shoes but all I had were loafers and so I was in my ski boots from the get go.

Winston with the background
Then we put on skins near where you would normally drive to and went up from there

Dru posing for the camera

Acacia loving it

On the ridge. It is pretty wide but drops off to skiers right

At the summit we ate lunch and took time for a peak shot
Dru was in race ski boots

Summit shot
Winston and Dru went down to the skiers left.

Kate and I went down just under the summit on the ridge.

Winston and Acacia rocking it

Dru the racer

Winston on the second pitch
Winston went down and Kate, Dru and I went up for another lap

Katie on the second lap

The way out was pretty iffy with snow.

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