Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tyndall Glacier and Tyndall Gorge ski

After climbing Longs the day before we decided to do one last day of skiing as a recovery day. We figured the best way to do this was to hike up Flattop Mountain and ski down Tyndall Glacier to come out the gorge and trail.
There was surprisingly lots of snow on the flattop trail, given how much snow there was on the trail to Longs. We don't have pictures of the snow on the trail.

The wind was terrible on the trail and in the alpine. I had a very hard time walking straight and standing up in the wind.

I was very tired this day and had a hard time going forward. We looked at Corral Couloir but it looked too thin and we decided to go to the Tyndall Glacier to drop in.
We got behind some boulders and out of the wind.
Dropping in was great until I started a small wet slide.

We had to piece together the descent, hiking a few times.

We got down to Emerald Lake and around to the trail. It was a great hike and ski

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