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Wedding weekend. An adventure of a different kind requiring endurance, patience and planning.

Tim and I left Steamboat Thursday morning for Summit County. Stopping in the Summit County 'suburbs' of Willowbrook and Summit Cove we continue on the hunt for the 'perfect house,' or at least a home that would give us easier access to winter recreation and bigger mountain skiing. The views of the Gore and Ten Mile Range, once taken for granted, now beckon me back to where I grew up.
Thursday was low-key, comparatively. Crossing paths on Swan Mountain Road, the connection between Breckenridge and Keystone resorts, we saw Tim's immediate family. We then met up with Dave and Sam, Tim's groomsmen, at the Breckenridge condo. They had skied at Arapahoe Basin that day. They joined us for dinner at my parents.
Friday was where the fun started I guess one could say... Tim went back to the Basin with the boys while I had some 'girlie things” to accomplish. During each part I remained positive and tried to enjoy even though I am not used to being fussed over. Dress fitting at the Breck Rec Center's locker room was followed later by buying flowers, creating the guest and letter book then going for manicures with the ladies! 

That night we had an informal barbecue at Carter Park, a downtown pavilion with amazing views and amenities (sledding hill, dog park, etc)... It was great to meet Tim's grandpa, who for obvious reasons, loves him dearly. I was told to sit on his lap and proceeded to 'run the gamet' on questions and personality check in-- I passed though.
Kate and her Mummus looking calm. Must have been the manicures
Some of my cousins made it over as well as brothers, their girlfriends and the bachalorette, bachelor invites. After dinner we gathered the young folk and went off on a scavenger hunt around Breckenridge as was planned by Kim, my maid-of-honor. Fun times! There were many bars we stepped into that I had never heard of let alone attended. Apparently my 21 yr old brother, Daniel, must have as he was well known in a few establishments. The highlight amongst the two teams was 'crashing' an 80yr-olds birthday party. Tim and his team took the cake (literally) on the “long-time local' question (60 years!)

The initial shenanigans came to an end at the Breckenridge Brewery. Kim and Matt Oakley joined us late and we recapped the points and stories over a few drinks.. good times. A few die hards continued the partying by adding dancing on the town. The rest returned for some much needed rest.

Saturday morning dawned warm and clear. Rallying the troops was more like herding cats but we managed to get people geared, fueled and psyched up for a day hike and ski tour. The plan was to have the resort skiers (Sam, Dave and Sarah) to meet the hikers (Kim, Ticia, Chris, Matt , Tim and Kate) up at the Peak 6 Basin, just around tree-line. Like a herd of turtles we all fulfilled the plan, to show our dear friends what makes us tick--- as in why we live in Colorado and seek out mountains and the activities they present.

Tim and I managed to sneak away and ski a fun line that was north facing and super powdery--- almost as good at Cameron Pass a week prior! Funny also was the fact that some areas had more snow that a month ago skiing with my dad. While others were bare and wet. Everyone made it down safely using various forms of transport (skis, snowshoes, snowshoes on skis, gondolas, cars,, etc)- some by way of the T-Bar (of beverages that is!)
The next few hours were frantic but went well. I was supposed to meet some ladies including Abi, my other bridesmaid to put together flower bouquets and corsages. However Tim and I had not yet written our vows or gone over last-minute ceremony components together of with the pastor, Nathaniel.
Thankfully Kim stepped in started on flowers with my mom and Abi. In less that an hour Tim and I took a bath, wrote vows, dressed and went over to the church---Rehearsal went as well as expected, in that we were attempting to discuss options while conveying to those involved what we were expecting. Then it was over to MiCasa restaurant for dinner.

More family and friends were here and it was truly humbling to see all that had made the effort to come. I told Tim's dad, Rod, and step-mom, Libby, that despite the stresses of the previous days, we were enjoying the experience and felt that there was nothing left to do... Now that the snowball was in motion and nothing could be done to stop it. The wedding would happen with or without any last minute add-ins. The point to remember is that everyone was there for us and what an amazing honor.
Small speeches and stories were told with accompanying laughs . For met it was awesome to hear my friends talk about me getting them out to play- go beyond their comfort zones. What I realized is that I have a very diverse group of friends. Much like a color wheel: we are all on the spectrum somewhere and connected by colors more similar to ours than the one across the circle. However, we are all united. Late into the evening Kim, Abi and Sarah helped finish the flowers- a monumental task. Tim and the men were working on music for the ceremony. The night was really fun and even though I was nervous and busy in mind, sleep came well.


So, I've written a lot of the prior details but I will let the following pictures tell much of the story. As they say a picture tells a thousand words. In sum, everything went better than planned, truly an amazing life enhancing day.  Tim and I felt so blessed to have our closet friends and family with us in such a special place...
The ceremony was held at Arapahoe Basin ski area near Loveland Pass, Colorado.  The weather was perfect- relatively warm with a cool breeze to keep us on our toes. Tim was shaking during the ceremony- from nerves and the chill. Better than beforehand, when he was hyperventilating.  Not to worry, a scotch from his friends calmed him down while I helped get the final preperations ready and took the lift up with my dad to stage our entrance.

The ceremony went pretty well considering we asked Nathaniel to officiate two weeks prior and we put together the order the day prior.  Kendra, his wife and my former youth pastor, called in sick as I was leaving the house. "Just a minor hiccup" I thought, "no worries."
When we arrived at the Basin I had to be careful not to be seen by Tim.... I greeted some guests as I anxiously went through some last minute details and got everything going.
Eric and Oakley help Tim calm down with some early morning scotch
Tim and the guys- from left: Eric, Tim, Dave, Oakley and Sam
A old time friend from high school, Sierra Anderson, stepped up huge and took on the role as ceremony host so to speak.  I knew that we were in good hands and that the music would start, people would sit or stand depending and the words to be said, read or heard.  Sierra told Tim to give the singal (white flag attatched to a ski pole) for me to start skiing down.
Set to dramatic music my dad and I linked figure eights down High Noon run, one the the toughest blues I have done in a while due to my nerves, new skis and a $600 dress!  Much like my adventures races, Sarah Moroney, a dear friend was there to meet me at the "transition zone" ski boots to heels; jacket traded with flowers.

A bridesmaid at Ian's Wedding Jan 2. 2012
During the ceremony I was surprisingly calm, i must have gotten all my emotion out before hand and at my brother's wedding in January.

I remember looking out to all our friends and family and feeling so special and honored they all came- FOR US!  Tim's mom, "Mama-Lui", a professional folk singer-song writer played two wonderful hymns/songs for us that were really calming and appropriate.

Afterward we had the (meet) and greet line on the stairs down from the deck. It wasn't till now that I started to feel the chilly wind that had picked up during the ceremony.

Now it was time to PARTY!!! Two beach spots reserved up against the base, close to where Tim and I first chatted exactly two years ago...

Many fond memories were cemented the 24 hours we got to know each other. Countless letters (hand-written), emails, phone calls and texts ensured for four months until Tim moved out West.  Looking back, I try to remember our wedding day in such detail like I remembered our paths crossing and linking.

As was instructed, many friends came dressed (as gapers or in hawaiian outfits) to soak up the sun and spring skiing.
Tim's good friend, Dave, in a one-sey
 A-Basin is the perfect place to get dressed up and married as everyone maintains such a laid-back demenor. We were just one of the outfits, complete with an entoraugue. They (ski patrol) did not seem to mind the beverage intakes (or outtakes)
We planned to ski North Pole Chutes
Ready to ski
Tim and I both tried to make laps with as many people as we could--of course some folks did not come skiing but we hope they enjoyed the beachin' barabeque (thanks Sarah, Dad, Daniel, Eddie, Dennis and all who helped). Plus, many must have known the energy required for later on- the formal reception.
Tim and I sharing a moment
Grill Masters
We were blessed with a little snow when departing the ski area and driving back to Breck. Additionally, a short lay-down at the condo helped to keep the tank going. I had to corall the herd out of the hot-tub and into their dress clothes again for the last party- one to truly remember.

Down the road we all went in convey. A short drive but another world away: to the Red Tail Ranch, which sits between Breckenridge and Frisco without any signs or sights of other commercialism. A real 'dude' ranch without the dudes, just views...
The Retail Ranch- the Ten Mile Range is just out of view.

 We entered the barn to folks standing, dancing and clapping to the sound of the Pine Beetles Band, a local group from Breckenridge.  Awesome!   During dinner we were able to catch up with a few friends but mostly soaked up the moment.  Toasts, speeches and such followed and again, I couldn't believe that all this fuss was for us--- the decorations (thanks Diana and Carrie), the music, food, drinks (cheers mom and dad), photos and so much more.  My mom's side of the family (five sisters, her mum) put together a film to be shown.   In some ways, I wish I had seen them in private but it was great to have Tim's family see my other half.
Well, really, my other half in the truest sense remains my twin brother Ian.   I have known him for longer than anyone-naturally- so it only made sense for him to put together something so special.  Even though he could not make the wedding weekend in person his person was felt. He and his new wife Sarah put together an awesome movie. Very heartfelt and special, as Ian is... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1UyuUF7JbA.

The rest is history. There was so much dancing, laughing, good stories, memories.  Tim and  I are so happy, our fairytale is just beginning.
Our meeting, relationship and wedding are just examples of making the most of every moment in God's timing.  Together we seize each day.  THANKS to everyone who came, it's a long way for many. To each person who has influenced, challenged and helped me become who I am, I appreciate you more than I could write.  After living, traveling, working and playing around the world I needed someone to share the moments with, a soul, playmate, a best friend. 
I found Tim in the right place and time.  Getting married was the most happiest day of our lives together. It was even an adventure, of a different type. However, stay tuned for more of the epic kind where snow, sand, dirt and water are sure to make apperances
Love life
Kate and Tim Zander

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