Friday, August 31, 2012

Flat Tops Bicycle Tour

Camping at its best
Here's the route map with elevation profiles and markers for significant events:
Tough roads and long miles

We saw a bear though!

Stopped for lunch, still a long ways to go

Turning up the wrong road

The next day, at the top of the pass

My lockring rattled loose on all the washboard. Thankfully a shadetree repair got me home

We hit pavement for the first time!

Stopped to get a soda and we found this great campground(no soda, but they did let us fill our water) and all these hummingbirds!

Taking a dunk

Under the bridge, great spot for lunch

Trying to hitch away 30 miles. No-one picked us up

We did end up hitching while riding, cut off 20 miles of our ride. Now on the final stretch

Good roads here, about to turn bad though