Friday, January 24, 2014

Skin Work Part 2


After my first version of race skins we found that the Black Diamond mohair material is not nearly as fast or svelte as Pomoca Race/Race Pro. And since Pomoca is now distributed in the US(, Cripple Creek BC, and even our local shop, Wilderness Sports) I decided to pick some up. Rather than buy the expensive Pomoca tip loops I bought the Dynafit Speedskin Fix tip and did a little sew work to make it pretty.

The materials I used were:
I first cut the Hypalon to the size I wanted. The goal with the Hypalon is twofold. First I needed any bit of length I could on the skins after the fabric I ordered came with a splice in it and I couldn't use the full length. Evidently Pomoca sells rolls of the fabric which come with splices. I could not see them ever allowing a commercial skin with a splice in the middle of it as it adds significant bulk and reduces the suppleness of the material in that area. The Hypalon allowed me to add a few cm of material by not using the skin material to fold over like Dynafit does with their race skins. Secondly it allowed for a more svelte connection with less weight and bulk than folded over skin material.

CSM(Hypalon) Fabric
Hypalon cut to size
To connect the Hypalon patch to the skin I decided to use rivets. I had a bear of a time sewing last time and found that the rivets were much faster and cleaner of a connection. To do this I had to punch a hole the proper size and location and then used my hammer and a flat stone to hammer the rivets closed.
It was a very simple, quick and inexpensive set of skins. I've been very happy with them.

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