Saturday, January 25, 2014

Skin Work Part 3

Since we have gotten some better fast race skins the question came up of what to do with the Black Diamond mohair skins left over. I decided to make a pair of backup full length skins with a tail clip for Kate's skis with one pair of them.

I ordered another pair of Dynafit Speedskin Fix tips and also a pair of CAMP Tail Hooks which came with appropriate rivets. I used the same steps for the tip as in my second installment and simply attached the tail hooks as well. The biggest challenge with this was getting the length just right and a little tight so they would be secure. To do this I put the tips on first and then put the skin on the ski and placed the tail clip where it seemed appropriate. I then adjusted it to make it a little tighter before punching the holes and installing the rivets.
Hypalon cut to size
Camp tail clips
Another view of the finished tips and tails

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