Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Atomic bindings for 2015

Given the dearth of information out there on the new Atomic Pintech bindings, I found their catalog and translated the information.

Pin bonds have taken a tremendous development in the last 20 years. You are now an indispensable part of the normal touring equipment. What our new back country tour and back country tour Light bond apart: This practical, lightweight, Pin-bond is incredibly sturdy and makes entry and operation super easy. It is Tell our back country sportsmen everything they need in the backcountry, convenient and easy to use from a single source.
Easy Entry
With the patented Easy Entry on the toe of the shoe is automatically positioned correctly and the pins lock securely in the boot. So boarding succeeds quite intuitive.

Climbing Systems
The climbing aids function independent of the buttocks and can easily be folded forward in each rotational position of the rear jaw. One click, and you can choose between 3 stages: 0, 7 and 13 - for optimum support on every rise.

Long Adjustment
The range of adjustment amounts in this binding are 30 mm; more than in most other pin bindings is possible. Therefore, it is easier to various ski shoe great customizable (and thus ideally suited for the rental).
Compatible with standard crampons

Extra wide fitting
The extra secure screw with 40mm mounting distance improves performance on wide skis and reduces the risk of tear out.

One of the lightest binding on the market: the back country tour with their 592 gr.

Update: Lou Dawson's site Wild Snow has some hands on info

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